Addressing Verbal Behavior Deficiencies Holistically

Addressing Verbal Behavior Deficiencies Holistically

When medical practitioners and physical and speech therapists are addressing their patients’ needs holistically, they are doing something rather special indeed. There is a mixture of necessary conventional applications that have always been successful and the application of alternative remedies that have, over a period of many years, been proven to be nothing short of a miracle. So, just imagine how a good parent must feel after her special child has just had an extensive course of verbal behavior therapy completed.

The parent feels rather special as well. She feels blessed, because she feels as though a miracle has just been performed over her child. Because there were tearful moments in the child’s life during which she could never get a proper word out correctly. And the next thing you know, the child is all aglow, brimming with confidence and in rather demanding tones, how can it be helped, beckoning her grateful mother here, there and everywhere.

Look at this! And just take a look at that! Imagine that? Now try imagining an autistic child being able to cry out aloud just like all the other kids do. Holistic treatment is what is called for if you ever want an autistic child to ever tell you about his latest discovery or invention. When they get this much right, you’ll be crying out; what genius. And how did they do that? Verbal behavior therapy is not just for the autistic geniuses.

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It is for all the other special kids as well. It is for those that are confined to wheelchairs, and those who cannot hear a word you say, or see a thing you’ve just pointed out. And that’s another thing; therapists are able to teach special children how to make the most appropriate physical gestures in accordance with their human nature.