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5 Facts About NADME

The NADME is the National Academy of DOT Medical Examiners. The organization developed in 2005 and serves a number of purposes for physicals and medical examiners. The corporation offers a variety of training courses that ensure the safety and thorough knowledge of those working in the transportation industry through these thorough testing examinations. Here are a few more facts about this organization that you should know.

1- The organization offers online training and dot medical certification examinations. This is an easy way for busy physicians to earn their certifications that allow them to offer this service to clients in the community. You can provide DOT medical exams to truck drivers who want to work for a company. This means more customers and more money for your practice.

2- There is a course catalog of more than 100,000 different options. Each option is designed to provide the thorough training and information necessary to stay safe and help others do the same.

3- There is an advisory board that regularly meets and oversees all of the actions of the NADME. The board consists of several members, including medical doctors and healthcare practitioners. Kathy Wagner, David Bolen, Brad Watkins, and James Cook are among the members serving on the board.

4- OSA Certification is also offered from this company for those who are interested in this service and certification. This special training helps you earn certification to treat sleep apnea. Many physicians desire this specialty because it allows opportunity to expand services.

dot medical certification

5- Healthcare security is a concern to those working in hospitals, laboratories, offices, and more. There are many reasons for the concern in these industries but you can stay safe. The NADME training ensures that you can keep your workplace safe for those who are inside, whether contractors, employees, salesmen, patients, or others.