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Allow The Podiatrist To Take Care Of Your Feet And You Take Care Of The Rest Of Your Body

Nerve problems in the feet can be caused by a number of metabolic health conditions or deteriorations. And would you believe that excessive alcohol use is included. Also included is heavy metal exposure, mellitus and diabetes. And if you are one of those who don’t believe a word of this, just ask any qualified or professional practitioner at the podiatrist Orlando FL clinic or center. Here is another disbelieving condition then.

Numbness in the feet and toes is called poly-neuropathy. Initial detection of this condition comes from evaluating vibratory sensations and warm to cold discriminations, among other direct techniques. An important discovery needs to be made. This is according to the experienced podiatrist. The most important condition or symptom to look out for is protective sensorium. If the feet lose this ability it will not know whether or not an injury has occurred. 

The podiatrist applies qualitative evaluations in order to accurately determine nerve fiber density and the nerve’s state of health. A three millimeter punch biopsy of skin is acquired from the outside of the ankle. The biopsy is specifically processed and passed on to a qualified dermatopathologist for full and further diagnosis. It takes around two weeks before accurate results are received.

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A loss of small nerve fibers can be the cause of the feet’s numbness. This is being done long before any diagnosis of diabetes is made. Once this has been detected, treatment for nerve fiber regrowth can commence. Believe it or not; there is a connection between diabetes and numbness in the feet. As this note closes, there’s a moral to the tale as well. Take care of your feet and you could end up taking care of the rest of your body.